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  • Static libraries are included in the executable, while dynamic libraries are external files, so the size of the application (our executable) is greater in the first case than in the second.
  • Dynamic libraries are independent files that can be invoked from any executable, so that their functionality can be shared by several executables. This means that only one copy of each library file (DLL) is needed in the System. This characteristic constitutes the main reason for its use.
  • -L : Specifies the path to the library. Look in directory for library files.
  • . : Represents the current working directory
  • -l: Libraryname without lib prefix and extension
  • holberton: Is the name of our library. Note that we omitted the “lib” prefix and “.a” extension. The linker attaches these parts back to the name of the library to create a name of a file to look for.
  • -o quote: Says “name the executable file my_program”



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Valentina Gómez A.

Valentina Gómez A.

Hi I am a financial engineer, and a software development student in Holberton School!