In this occasion let’s going to talk about all the things that are happening behind making a request for a url page. So when you type for example In your browser, certain things are happening to take you there. To understand what are the things that are happening in that process, let’s going to discuss about some concepts that are necessary to comprehend when you are requesting for a URL.

The first thing to know is that web sites lives in web servers, which is a computer system that hosts web pages. It is designed to serve web pages.

In these days all we hear is about smart phones, smart cars, smart houses, among other things, and probably smart is the world we are going to hear for many years since today. These smart devices are part of the Internet of Things(IoT). But what means IoT? Basically IoT is the connection of all the objects in the internet and to one another with the porpoise of being smart for the users. An example of this could be the tesla vehicles that drives itself, making this a unique experience for the user.

Nowadays all people are in touch with cellphones, tablets, computers and all this “smart” devices every day, that makes our lives easier with all the stuffs that these things offer to us, but these devices are not really the smartest we think they are. These devices just take the orders we gave to them. For example, if we give the order to make a call pushing in the icon of the phone, the cellphone would do that for us, or if we tell Siri or Alexa to put some music, the music would be on, or if we give the…

Img 1 :The standard type hierarchy in Python 3

Python is a language that use the POO paradigm, so that means that everything in Python is an object or a class. Everything can be assigned to a variable or passed as an argument to a function. In another words an object in python is something you can refer to, and you can also assign a value to that object. We can handle everything as object in python.

Things like integers, floats, structures (dictionaries, lists, tuples) and string are object. They all can be stored in variables, passed functions.

Variables are references, something like pointers in C.

Id ( ) and type ( ) functions!

Python has two…

Img 1: Static and dynamic libraries in C

So to start, we need to know what a library is. A library is a set of functional implementations. is a collection of items that you can call from your program? A library is precisely like an executable, and the library’s functions are invoked with or without parameters from its executable.

Unlike an executable program, the behavior that a library implements does not expect to be used autonomously, but rather its purpose is to be used by other programs, independently and simultaneously.

Why we need to use libraries?

Libraries allow us to store function definitions that will be use in…

To start the first thing you need to understand is what a shell, terminal and a command line is.

The shell is a command line interface. It is a program that takes commands from the keyboard and gives that instructions to the operating system to perform. The most common and used shell program is bash which stands for “Bourne-again shell” , and is used on Linux Systems. In almost all the Linux machines, bash is set as the default shell program and will be located in the /bin directory.

A terminal is basically an emulator that allows the user type…

To start, I’ll give a little description about what a librarie is. A library is a file that contains multiple object files, which can be used as a single entity in a link phase of a program. It is simply a collection of files of ordinary objects.

Image of a physical bookstore.

Its purpose is to be used by other programs, independent and simultaneously. In other words, a library is a file that the compiler can read, in it you will find instructions for the use of many different methods and functions

There are two kind of libraries in C: statics and dynamics. The static…

First of all we need to know that in Linux there is no what is called direct access in Windows. In Linux shortcuts are called links. We have two types of links in Linux, hard links and symbolic links. Here we are going to understand what is each of those links, and for what we can use each of the types of links that we have just mentioned.

Hard Links:

In Linux each file and each folder of the operating system have an integer called inode assigned to them. This inode is unique for each of the files and each…

First lets talk about ls command.

The ls command is super useful when we need to see the files and directories that we have in the directory that we are in.

Valentina Gómez A.

Hi I am a financial engineer, and a software development student in Holberton School!

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